The most important part of being a disciple of Jesus is regular worship.  In worship, the Holy Spirit gathers us together so that our Father can give us the gifts of His Word and Sacraments that are ours by faith in Christ.


Preaching: At the center of all Christian worship is the sermon, where our pastors deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people gathered together.


Baptism: When we are baptized, even though we may be little children, even infants, God gives us all His promises of grace and eternal life.  Also, this community of faith promises to care for the needs of our new brother or sister in Christ.  If you want baptism for yourself or your children, call the church office to speak with our pastors. 


Children in Worship: God's Word - read, spoken, and heard - makes us into the people that God wants us to be.  Every baptized Christian, no matter how young or how old, is welcomed into the worship life of God's people.  Indeed, the youngest Christians are the ones who need to hear that Word the most!

We encourage parents to bring their children to worship.  If your little one needs a break, King of Kings offers a "cry room" and a nursery.

Our pastors often provide a special message just for the little ones of our congregation in a short Children's Sermon.  The children gather around the pastor to hear the Good News of Jesus. 


Holy Communion: Holy Communion is the deepest expression of Christ's love for us in our worship service.  In Holy Communion, he comes to us in His body and blood to forgive our sins and strengthen us to live according to His commands.

Holy Communion is also the deepest expression of our love for one another as the people of God in this place.  We kneel shoulder-to-shoulder, all of us sinners, and agree to love one another just as Christ has loved us.

Along with the vast majority of Christians all over the world, we believe that we should be in agreement about the content and practice of our faith before we join together in the sacrament of the altar.  If you are a member of one of our sister congregations, we trust that you have received faithful instruction in the Christian faith from your pastor, and you are welcome to commune with us.  If you are from another Christian community outside of our fellowship, please speak with one of our pastors about receiving the Lord's Supper at King of Kings.


Praise:  In gratitude for what our Lord has given us, we praise His name in word and song.  Our choirs and musicians help us to give our very best in thanksgiving to God. 


Prayer:  As the gathered people of God, we bring our  requests for mercy to our Father in Heaven.  If you would like the congregation to pray for you or a loved on on Sunday Morning, simply ask one of the ushers, and they will assist you.  Special requests can also go out via the email "prayer chain" by contacting the church office.



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