Dear friends in Christ,

As we navigate through the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 (corona) virus, I would like to remind everyone that we still have expenses we need to meet on our 2020 work plan.  Our ongoing weekly budget needs do not go away during this time of public distress.


As the pastors have communicated, if you do not feel safe being in worship, it is recommended you stay home.  If you choose to stay home, I would like to encourage everyone to maintain meeting their pledge to support this congregation with their financial commitments.

There are several ways available for you to give to the church.

You can donate on the King of Kings web site.  There is a "Give" icon across the top right corner on the home page, or follow this link to the donate page:

You can give on a one time only, weekly. or monthly basis using the safe Vanco mobile app that can be downloaded free on your smart phone.  Once the app is downloaded, just designate King of Kings Lutheran as your choice of giving.  Using this method should be safe for everybody since no infected substance can be transferred between individuals.  Everything happens electronically.

Or if you prefer, you can mail your donations directly to the church office.  If you do this, I would recommend you do this monthly instead of every week to reduce potential contamination.

Or you can drop it off directly at the church office.  For those who don't have it, the church address is:

King of Kings Lutheran Church

1701 NE 96th Street

Kansas City, MO 64155

If you have any questions, you can call me at 816-560-0927 or Vicki at the church office 816-436-7680.

In Christ,

Jim Ehlers

Stewardship Director